chenniferlawrence asked:"Putek justine kamusta ka na kilala mo pa ba ako"

Hindi na. bwahaha


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That feeling when there is something you know you should have done, but you’re too scared and you don’t have enough guts you needed untill one day you realized. “Fck, why did I waste that chance”

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Kung ganoon nga lang kadaling magbura ng nararamdaman. Hayst. emoheartszxc

There are some points in life that you just have to give up, not because you’re weak, but because you know that there are no more chance to be with the person you want to be with.

Milktea pa #yummytea #milktea

Milktea pa #yummytea #milktea

Yung mga kaibigan mong nagbago nagka love life lang. Pag ako lang umibig hu u kayong lahat. paker ./. huhu


The Hunger Games is real 

Milktea is <3 #yummytea

Milktea is <3 #yummytea